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Melomaniac, producer and DJ from Lima, Aristidez is the co-founder and curator of the infamous dance party Casalocasa, founded in 2012, which has brought to Lima artists such as Matias Aguayo, Hunee, Ron Morelli, Kim Ann Foxman, Jacques Renault, Manfredas, Thomas Von Party, Hugo Capablanca, Alejandro Paz, Djs Pareja, Fantastic Man, Andras, Fabrizio Mammarella, Moon B, Rodion, Mijo, among others. In those parties, Aristidez has consolidated as an important key figure in the scene of Lima; always characterized for his eclecticism and unique musical selection. This has been proven in the bests dance clubs of Lima and latinoamerica such as Videoclub in Bogotá, Calle 9+1 in Medellin, Mono or M.N. Roy in Mexico D.F.
In 2015, his first remix for berliner Markus Gibb got attention and has been played by Fabrizio Mammarella, Alejandro Paz, Rodion, among others. Also, he released an EP for mexican label Disque Discos, a single for peruvian Discos Aquelarre (which it has been released for a Cafe del Mar compilation), a single and his acclaimed 12″ EP titled “Evasivas Esotericas” released on Calypso Records. More recent, his last remix for Moscow label Ida Sounds has been played by Andrew Weatherall in his monthly radio show “Music’s Not For Everyone” on NTS.

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