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Italian disco-wave producer Guxi musical education began with mom and dad’s love for great vibes. Guitars, drums, tambourines, percussion of all types and a unique vinyl/tap cassette collection – based on funk and rock – accompanied his childhood. At a young age he decided to join a rock band as a drummer forming his first own relation to rhythm. During that period, he developed the passion of mixing up different music styles and matured a great sense of musical control. His enormous appetite for more pushed him to start djing.
People describe him with a: velvet walk, lively eyes and a disco ball in his heart.
Focusing on the electronic music and the club scene, he started to collect house, jazz, dance and disco music, challenging his dj skills with these new sounds every day. Soon he became a regular dj guest in the main underground clubs of Italy following the footsteps of his passion. In 2011, did Guxi get his first Dj residency at Saponeria Club that allowed him to share the stage with many international Djs as Anthony Collins, Miguel Campbell, Raxon, Burnski, Carlo Lio, etc.
In the following years, he joined L-Ektrica, feeding his deep affection to house and disco music, besides offering him the chance to play at Lanificio Club with international guests like Darshan Jesrani, Sophie and The Magician. Currently he spins the discs often at L-Ektrica.
Like an «Italian Todd Terje» or a «Roman Tullio De Piscopo» Guxi has been serving the hottest house and disco cuts and without no doubt you will remember his dj sets as they are like a cosmic blender. Similar to a spaceship he always used to wait eagerly for the early morning hours, when the pace slowed down and Italian styled disco was the ruling sound.
He released his music on the labels Tom Tom Disco and Garrincha Soundsystem.

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