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Javier Ferreira was born in Buenos Aires in 1983. Musical producer and drummer of different bands, he opened his DeLaCoclea analogue / digital studio in 2003.
It begins in this same year with electronic music in different labels and clubs around the world such as: Crobar, Bahrain, Pacha, Under Club, Club del Sol, Lost Beach, La Macarena, This Side Up, Sankeys, Club-69 Scotland , Chapeau Rouge, among many others.
His effort and commitment lead him to integrate part of the residence of the “Be Techno” cycle in the prestigious Club Crobar Bs.As. where the most recognized DJs have passed worldwide.
In 2017, he was nominated by Dj Mag Latin America for “best DJ in Techno genre” in Argentina along with other groups with great artists.
With his brother Gabriel Ferreira, in 2008, they founded the label Ninefon. With an eclectic, particular and innovative style of music, the label in 2018 also becomes nominated by the prestigious Dj Mag LA (along with other labels) for “best electronic music label in Argentina”.
At the same time, he works as a mixing and mastering engineer for many genre labels around the world. The same, leads Javier to promote the electronic music academy Argentina Insound, in 2016.
He currently resides in Barcelona since 2018, passing through numerous and mythical cabins around the world.

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Javier Ferreira